Japanese Garden : Showa Romando - Painted 1:87 Scale

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Showa Romando Pre-painted 1/87 Scale

Work size (including base and acrylic case): approx. 223mm wide, 175mm deep, 225mm high
Power pack: Cosmic CP-0505 (requires 8 x AA batteries)
LED: 2 lights (2 x AA batteries required)
Carriage: Narrow gauge by Almodel
Note: Acrylic case included, the piece has a base bottomed out with a non-slip surface about 10mm high.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

A tranquil garden and a white wooden tea room. They say there is something mysterious hidden there...

This is a complete model made in the image of a Japanese garden.
This work has a Japanese taste and a calm atmosphere.
The ground is covered with white gravel, reminiscent of dry landscape water.
The rails have also been fixed with sleepers and spikes.

A power pack and AA batteries are embedded inside the base of the work.
By adjusting the switch, you can also switch the running speed, forward or backward.
With two pre-decorated LED's, it can also be enjoyed at night.
Please note that there are two separate power supplies for the LED and the power pack.

The artwork is bottomed out at the base with a non-slip base about 10mm high.

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