Mine Style Mini Layout" (with Cars) Super Mini Layout 9mm HO Narrow : Showa Romando Finished product 1:87 Scale

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Showa Romando Pre-painted 1/87 Scale

Work size (including base and acrylic case): approx. 220mm wide, 220mm deep, 190mm high

Base Kit: Almodel "Kato 7 ton DL cab H rubber window" HO narrow gauge

Power Pack: Cosmic CP-0505
(Embedded type)
Track Width: 9mm

Notes: Built-in power pack, 8 x AA batteries, speed change

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

A small filling station at the foot of a rough mine, where a young man is always to be seen

This pre-painted work consists of a super mini layout packed with structures.
HO Narrow cars are included, and the Kato 7 ton DL cab H rubber window" made by Almodel is used.

The cliffs in the background are made of cork wood to beautifully represent the realistic texture of the rock surface.
The buildings have been weathered to give the appearance of long-gone detail.

The power pack and AA batteries are embedded inside the base of the piece.
By adjusting the switch, you can also change the travel speed, forward or backward.

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