Holiday in London : Showa Romando - Painted 1:24 Scale

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Showa Romando Pre-painted 1/24 Scale

Work size (including base and plastic case): approx. 272mm wide, 190mm deep, 282mm high

Base kit: English Tea Shop by Cobani
Note: Acrylic case included

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

A woman smiles as she poses in a corner of a tea shop.
She looks like a princess on holiday, riding her scooter to her heart's content.

This is a pre-painted work of art based on the paper kit.
Based on Cobani's "English Tea Shop".

With its stylish signage and stone buildings, it has the feel of an old English town.
In addition to the dolls and scooters, there are additional benches in the works.
A special base and acrylic case are included to protect the piece from dust and other elements during storage.

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