Housing Special : Showa Romando - Painted 1:80 Scale

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Showa Romando Pre-painted 1/80 Scale

Work size (including base and acrylic case): approx. 160mm wide, 145mm deep, 170mm high

Base kit (house): Public housing A (cement tiles) made by IORI Kobo
Base kit (accessories): various unpainted kits by Echo Model
Note: Acrylic case included, LED decorated, roof can be removed, the work is bottomed on the base with a non-slip surface about 10mm high.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

The sound of children frolicking, parents scolding, and conversations with lively neighbours.
The house may look like an ordinary house, but there is certainly a lot of drama there.

This is a complete painted work based on an unpainted kit.
Based on IORI Kobo's "Public Housing A (Cement Tiles)".

The house itself, as well as the accessories placed around it, show a sense of life.
The interior is also finely crafted, with chests of drawers, chabudai, sliding doors, tatami mats and baths.

The roof is not glued and can be easily removed.
When removed, there is a ceiling part with an LED light switch.
If you light it up at night, the interior will be brighter and you can enjoy looking inside.

The piece has a base bottomed out with a non-slip surface about 10mm high.

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