Battery-powered styrene roll cutter, 2 x AA batteries (not included): HAKKO TOOL 251-01

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Styrofoam cutter made by HAKKO Corporation

For processing Styrofoam. (Not for use with rigid polystyrene)
This cutter is battery-powered, so it can be used anywhere without restrictions on power supply.
Easy to work with curved lines, not possible with a cutter knife.
Safety construction heats only when the switch is pressed!
Heating lamp indicator.
If you are using Styrofoam or Kanelite foam, it may be difficult to cut when the battery is depleted.

Batteries: 2 x AAA batteries (sold separately)
Effective cutting dimensions: Thickness: 70mm Depth: 130mm
Weight: 110g (excluding batteries)
Accessories: Heater wire x 1pc

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

Styrofoam, Styrofoam and Kanelite foam can be easily cut.
Easy to cut curved lines, which is not possible with a cutter knife.
Continuous cutting of even thick styrofoam.
Safety construction for heating only when switch is pressed!

Outlet Powered Styrofoam Cutter
Battery Powered Styrofoam Cutter
Replacement Heater for Outlet Type Styrofoam Cutters
Replacement Heater for Battery Powered Styrofoam Cutters

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