Right Angle Cut Ruler Chu-3 (medium size, acrylic 3mm thick) Left : Kamineko@Style Tool Part No. 006

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Planned and produced by Kamineko@Style

Useful for cutting materials about the size of a postcard. Recommended for left-handed people.

Size: W 190 H190mm
Thickness: Acrylic part 3mm
Stainless steel part 0.5mm

Joints are riveted.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Information editing: Sakatsu Gallery

Useful for cutting paper and other thin objects!
Compared to the L-shaped ruler, it is easier to push the object to be cut.
The transparency makes it easy to see when cutting small objects.
The ruler for right-angle cutting was developed from the field of professional model making. It helps to process small, thin objects quickly and accurately.

- image description -
The metal part has a cutout so it can be cut all the way through.
can also hold thin parts stably.
A thin stainless steel plate is used for the stopper to prevent bumps even if paper or thin plates are pressed down.
If the cutter is aligned with the thickness of the acrylic, the cut edge can be cut at a right angle.
long parts are used by placing a 15cm ruler over them.
The transparency makes it easy to see the cut-off position when processing window cutouts, etc.
You can use the scale to mark the cutting position.
Choose from a wide range of products to suit your application.
For ease of use along the cutter, the medium size is available in two acrylic thicknesses, 3mm and 5mm.

Right Angle Cut Ruler Series

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