Corrugated Slate Making Machine: Greenstuff World Tools GSWD18

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Green Stuff World Tools Non Scale

This tool can be used to process paper or thin metal sheets into corrugated sheets.
Wave pitch: approx. 5 mm
Max. production width: approx. 7.5 cm

Note: The image shows an example of use. The aluminium plate is not included.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This revolutionary tool allows you to make corrugated sheets and tin sheets, commonly used for roofing and wall materials, from thin metal sheets or paper for your models.
Simply insert the optional Ultra-thin aluminium plate and turn the handle to create a corrugated sheet in a matter of seconds!
Depending on the material used, the pitch of the waves is approximately 5mm.
The pitch of a real tin plate is about 32mm, so if it is an iron plate, it is 1/6 scale.
The maximum width that can be processed is about 7.5cm.
The maximum width is about 7.5 cm.

Paper Corrugated Board HO(1/87)[Pitch/Approx. 0.7mm]

Aluminium corrugated sheet HO(1/87)[Pitch / approx. 0.7mm]

Aluminium corrugated sheet O(1/48)[Pitch/Approx. 1.4mm]

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