Paper corrugated board [pitch approx. 0.7 mm] 200 x 19 mm, 5 sheets: Northeastern Material HO(1:87) 40100

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Northeastern Scale Lumber Company paper material HO (1/87) human height is about 2cm size

Corrugated Roof Paper pkg(5)
Wave pitch: approx. 0.7 mm
Size: 20.3 x 1.9 cm
Number of sheets: 5

Information compiled by: Sakatsu Gallery

This corrugated material represents the common tin plate, which is often used for roofing and wall materials.
The material is made of paper, which gives a different look and feel to the paint and damage to many metal products.
The pitch of the waves is approximately 0.7mm.
The scale recommended by the manufacturer is 1/87 (HO scale), for reference only.

Northeastern Wave Board Lineup
Paper HO (1/87) Scale [Pitch/Approx. 0.7mm]
Aluminum HO (1/87) Scale [Pitch/Approx. 0.7mm]
Aluminium O (1/48) scale [pitch / approx. 1.4mm]

Aluminium G (1/22.5) scale [Pitch: approx. 2.5mm]

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