Aluminium corrugated sheets [pitch approx. 1.4 mm] 200 x 76 mm, pack of 5: Northeastern material O(1:48) 55053

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Northeastern Scale Lumber Company aluminum material O(1/48) human height is about 3.5cm size

Corrugated Roof Paper pkg(5)
Wave pitch: about 1.4 mm
Size: 20.3 x 7.6 cm
Number of sheets: 5

Information compiled by: Sakatsu Gallery

This corrugated material represents the common tin plate, which is often used for roofing and wall materials.
The material is made of thin aluminium and can be cut with scissors, providing excellent workability.
The pitch of the waves (the distance between the peaks) is approximately 1.4 mm.
The scale recommended by the manufacturer is 1/48 (O scale), for reference only.

Northeastern Wave Board Lineup
Aluminum HO (1/87) Scale [Pitch/Approx. 0.7mm]

Aluminium HO (1/87) Scale [Pitch/Approx. 0.7mm]

Aluminium O (1/48) scale [pitch / approx. 1.4mm]

Aluminium G (1/22.5) scale [Pitch: approx. 2.5mm]