Conifer 3cm 7pcs, 5cm 10pcs, 7cm 3pcs Variety pack : Sakatsuu Finished product Non scale 7702

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Completed by Sakatsu, Non-scale (1/160 - 1/80 recommended)
Approx. 30mm high: 7 pieces
Approx. 50mm high: 10 pieces
Approx. 70mm high, 3 branches
Both leaves and trunk are moulded resin and unpainted (as moulded colour).
Burr, warp and twist. The moulded colour may vary.
The value pack is about 20% cheaper than the regular pack and allows you to have more trees! If you want to have a lot of trees, this is the pack for you!

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

It is a coniferous tree like a fir tree and a cedar tree.
This tree is useful for mountains, forests, parks and everywhere.
It is also recommended to adhere a powder, sponge or fibrous material to improve the detail before use.

Various coniferous trees
3cm 5pcs
5cm 3pcs
7cm 3pcs
3cm 20pcs
5cm 20pcs
7cm 20pcs
7 x 3cm, 10 x 5cm, 3 x 7cm

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