Conifer 5cm 3pcs : Sakatsuu Finished product Non-scale 7605

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Completed by Sakatsu, Non-scale (1/160 - 1/80 recommended)
Approx. 50mm high, 3 branches
Both leaves and trunk are resin moulded and unpainted (as moulded colour).
The leaves and trunks are moulded in resin and unpainted. The moulded colour may vary.
If you want to put a tree in your home, this is the tree for you!
For those who just want to have a tree!

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

It is a coniferous tree like the fir tree and the cedar tree.
These trees are useful in mountains, forests, parks and everywhere.
It is also recommended to adhere a powder, sponge or fibrous material to improve the detail before use.

Various softwoods
5 x 3cm
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7cm 20pcs
3cm 7pcs, 5cm 10pcs, 7cm 3pcs

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