Sea Breeze Seaside : Taguchi Kobo Pre-painted Finished Product Z (1:220)

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The sound of the train coming from afar overlaps the sound of the repeating waves.
When the train finally reaches the bridge, the roar drowns out the sound of the waves and the hurried seabirds flap their wings.
At last the train reaches the bridge and the roar of the waves is drowned out by the flapping wings of the hurried sea birds.
It's the first time I've ever been to the beach.

We are a workshop specializing in the "reproduction of dioramas of the original landscape of Japan up to about the Showa 30s and early 40s" in Z gauge.
In spite of the tiny scale of 1/220, except for the dolls and the railway cars, almost everything is handmade, and with this craftsmanship, we can beautifully reproduce the nostalgic Japanese scenes.

"Nostalgic heroes going through the woods"

"My home of the past"

"Sea Breeze by the Sea"

"Wind across the bridge, summer afternoon"

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