My House of Nostalgia (with Case) : Taguchi Kobo Finished product Z (1:220)

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A watermelon seller calls out to his parents, who have been working hard in the fields since early in the day to avoid the heat.
A little girl sitting on a bench at the station is the daughter of a landowner, I think.

The sound of the river, the water mill, the cicadas....

�ƒTaguchi Workshop
This is a workshop specialising in the reproduction of dioramas of original Japanese scenery from the 1930s to the early 1940s in Z gauge.
In spite of the miniscule scale of 1/220, except for the dolls and the railway carriages, almost everything is handmade, and with this craftsmanship, the nostalgic Japanese scenes are beautifully reproduced.

"Nostalgic heroes going through the woods"

"Our House of the Past"
"Sea Breeze by the Sea"

"Wind across the bridge, a summer afternoon"

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