Land Sponge Superfine [White] : Koeido Material Non-scale LA-1213

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Made by KOHEIDO Material

Particle size: Superfine
Colour: white
. Package size: Outer dimensions approx. 14 X 8.5 cm

Note:The second image shows a comparison of the material with a one yen coin.
�@Not included in the product.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This sponge material is suitable for expressing white flowers and snow.
A sponge material for models, finely ground into uniform particles.
Mix a suitable amount of Yazukuri-kun (sold separately) with water and place on a tree branch for easy planting.

Light Bright Green
gentle green
Cherry Pink

70mm brown paper roll 5pcs
120mm brown paper roll 4pcs
120mm white paper roll 4pcs

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