Tree trunks, 12cm brown, 4 pieces : Koeido Material, Non-scale JM-120B

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Made by Koueido Material Non-scale

This material is made of bundled paper-wrapped wire that can be used to make trees easily.
Because it is paper-wrapped wire, there is no need to paint the branches after shaping, or if they are white, they can be easily colored with Copic or other markers. It also works well with glue, making it easier to add foliage with sponge material! (Sponge material sold separately)
Please use nippers when cutting branches and take care that the cut tree trunks do not fly off and get into your eyes or mouth.
Height: approx. 70mm (depending on branching and embedding, the finished tree will be lower)
Quantity: 5 trees

Information compiled by: Sakatsu Gallery

You want to make your own tree, but it's hard to bundle and cut all the copper wire and harden the roots... This is for you!
The "Triek" is made of copper wire, which means that the branches can be waved freely and are thin and delicate.
Tree Trunks" are made of wrapped paper, so they are easy to glue and do not need painting!

50mm high, pack of 10
70mm high, 10pcs
100mm high, 5pcs
150mm high, 5pcs

70mm high, brown paper roll, 5pcs
120mm high, brown paper roll, 4pcs
120mm high, white paper roll, 4pcs

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