Wild West: Sho Fujihira - Finished product 1:150 size

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Sho Fujihira Pre-painted 1:150 size
Produced in 2021

Size of the work: 45cm (width), 37cm (depth), 40cm (height)

Rail: 9mm wide (to run the included special train)
Train: 1 x 3 carriage KATO "Chibi-Roco" conversion (powered by carriages)
Note: With embedded controller, illuminated. Switch located on the front of the base, 2 x 9V batteries

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

"You've never seen an N gauge like this! It's a wild mini layout! (Video produced by Diorama Tohei)

A mini layout packed with the atmosphere of the American frontier.

The steam locomotive running over the trestle bridge is quite thrilling, and even though it is small, it is very powerful.
The locomotive is an original KATO chibi loco, which has been modified.
The cow protection was painted red to give it an American feel.

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