Treehouse Railroad - Small Pike - HO Narrow 6.5mm Power Pack, Case Included: Ryo Yamashita - Finished product 1:87

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Ryo Yamashita Pre-painted 1/87 Scale (HO Narrow 6.5mm)

Size (including case): approx. 130mm diameter x 133mm height
Gauge (width between tracks): 6.5mm
Power Pack: Rokuhan RC02 Train Controller (8 x AAA batteries)

Note: An acrylic case and a power pack are included, so you can combine it with the Treehouse Railway Locomotive Set (sold separately) and enjoy driving right away.
Other vehicles are also available that can run on the 6.5mm gauge, R45mm circular rail layout, but please note that they are a special small size.

Note: The cars in the photo are for staging purposes only and are not included. Please purchase separately.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

The "Treehouse Railway Locomotive Set" is a runnable pike (small circular layout) piece.

This pike is an amazing R45!
This means that the rail layout is jokingly small, with a diameter of 9 cm (at the centre of the rail).
The rails are HO narrow 6.5mm and are Z gauge.
The power pack is also included in the set and is "ready to enjoy", but please note that the number of cars that can be driven is limited.

The symbolic tree in the centre is based on the "Tree House", which is also the name of the work, with miniature nature and painting for a fantastic fairyland-like finish. It's a great way to show off your creativity.
The family enjoying a picnic under the tree is also chosen from Prizer dolls to create a stylish and fun atmosphere.

A perfect gift or display piece. Take this chance with 'Treehouse Railway Locomotive Set'!

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