Jyosho Hut : James Okakura Paintings 1:80

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Okakura Teishi Painted 1/80 Scale

Size: A4 size (W295mm x D210mm x H160mm)
�E½@Display stand size: width 350mm x depth 265mm x height 30mm
Rail: width 13mm, length approx. 290mm
Prototype: Designed based on the existing Tsumesho at Tanokuchi Station, Oigawa Railway (interviewed in September 2011)
Note: Doors open and close (2 places), built in filling station, interior lights (LED), roof can be removed.

Photo: Sadashi Okakura
A framed photographic version of this work is also available separately.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

This is a landscape work based on a prototype of the existing Tsumesho at Tanokuchi Station on the Oigawa Railway.
The offset shape of the shed and storage area, which appears to have been added to the basic building, is very attractive.
Not only the structure of the building, but also the damaged roof, the walls, the tools and the trodden path seem to tell the happy story of this building and its people.
This work can be enjoyed as a stand-alone piece, but is best enjoyed in conjunction with related works.

Work Shed
Work shed
Photo work "Work shed"

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