Scenery with a coal-feeding table": Sadashi Okakura, painted 1:80

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Okakura Teishi Painted 1/80 Scale

Approx. width 35cm x depth 23cm x height 15cm
Track width: 13mm

Pre-assembled lighting and shed lights, battery box (2 x AA) included.
Note:The car is not included.

Photo: Sadashi Okakura

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

I cut out a scene from a smoky day and made it into a work of art. It is a simple scene with a coal-heater as the main focus, but the simplicity of the scene makes it a difficult subject to work with in general.
Okakura's meticulous attention to detail and the elegance of his finishes have resulted in a charcoal table that is not overbearing, but has a strong presence.
Mr. Okakura has also created and prepared a carriage to go with this carriage, so please consider buying it as a set.

Coal feeder
B6 class (2120) steam locomotive
Tom 5000

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