Moving - First Love is Brave : Yukimasa Itoh Completed Painting 1:32

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Yukimasa Ito (K.ITO) Pre-painted 1/32 size
Approximate dimensions of the case: width 297mm, depth 210mm, height 203mm

This is a work of art by diorama artist, Mr. Ito. It was also featured in Model Cars issue 168. The only one of its kind in the world.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

As the cherry blossoms fall, the girl of his first love suddenly informs him that she is moving away.
The boy bursts into tears as he says goodbye for the last time, and the girl gently gives him a handkerchief.
The girl's parents watch on.
Mother: "Honey, it's time to go"
Father: "Well, come on. I'll wait for you while you smoke a cigarette.
I imagined a scene where I could hear such a conversation.

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