The story begins with a can of spray paint : Sakura Kazuharu Finished product figure 1:24 Scale

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Sakura Wa Haru Painted 1/24 Scale

Work size (approx): 28cm (W) x 31cm (D) x 21cm (H)

Note: The car is fixed to the artwork.
2017 Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Tressa Yokohama 17th Modeler's Contest Subject Category Prize Winner

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

The development room with its eye-catching can-spray cylinders. This is where many famous cars have been brought back to life as higher performance machines.
After more than forty years, the story of the Renault Alpine A110 is about to begin.
Yes, in the past I too started painting plastic models from canned spray.
2017 Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Tressa Yokohama Shop 17th Modelers Contest Subject Category Award.

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