Spring, move : Sakura Wa Haru - painted 1:150 scale

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Sakura Wa Haru Painted 1/150 Scale

Work size (approx): 20cm (W) x 30cm (D) x 29cm (H)

Note: The carriage (Iron Collection Izu Kyuko KUMOHA152 ) is fixed to the work.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

A boy flies up the hill to his home with great energy.
After a hard day's work, two stevedores take a break to look at the cherry blossoms.
A farmer tries his best to finish ploughing before the sun goes down.
Schoolchildren happily walking along a path on their way out of school.
A world where every soul is alive and full of life.
A rural village in spring, where the spotlight is not only on cherry blossoms and trains.

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