Journey to Little Kyoto : Sakura Wajun Painted 1:32 Scale

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Sakura Wa Haru Painted 1/32 Scale

Work size (approx): 40cm (W) x 27cm (D) x 30cm (H)

Note: The car is not fixed. You can change the position and direction of the car, or replace it with another car.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

The owner-president of a large company, who has been busy with his work, will retire from his position as director at the end of his term of office at the shareholders' meeting in June, and will now make a further contribution to the company as a consultant.
The company gave him a trip to Kyoto to celebrate his resignation as a director, taking into account his advanced age of 78 and his dislike of flying.
The transport is of course the company's '55 Toyopet Crown Limousine.
The '55 Toyopet Crown was purchased when the company was on the right track, and has been carefully maintained and converted to a limousine with a new engine at the same time.
The Chairman and his wife are enjoying a very satisfying trip to little Kyoto, with their favourite car and a comfortable drive with a caring driver.
In the evening, we arrived at our accommodation for the day, a small inn full of atmosphere, a Kyoto machiya converted into a ryokan (Japanese inn) on the first floor of a kitchen....

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