Terumomiji : Sakura Kazuharu - painted 1:64 scale

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Sakurawa Haru Painted 1/64 Scale

Work size (approx): 24cm (W) x 18cm (D) x 14cm (H)

Note: Lanterns and stone lanterns are pre-lit with 4 LED lights. Uses 3 x AA batteries.
There is a power switch on the side of the lantern.
The cars are not fixed. You can change the position and orientation of the car, or replace it with a different one.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

We have created a diorama to make use of the Toyopet Crown from Tomica Limited.
This diorama is just about the size of a man's palm. It is dressed up on a baked cedar stand.
This is an image of the time of year when the colours of the leaves change from yellow to red, and I hope that the main character, the Tomikalimited Toyopet Crown (the first generation Crown), will stand out.
The Tomica is not fixed, so you can change the direction of the car, and it is also fun to put another Tomica on it.
We have our own story to tell, but we hope that the real story of this film will be the one that comes to your mind when you see it.
I hope that many stories will be born.

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