Geta Saiseiya Mini : Toshio Ito Finished product 1:12 Scale

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Toshio Ito Pre-painted 1/12 Scale

Work size (including base): approx. 158mm wide by 118mm deep by 82mm high

Base kit: "Geta Saiya Mini" made by Pleco

Note: The geta and potted plants are fixed, but the desk, shelf and base are not, so they can be placed freely.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This is a pre-painted, complete work of art made by Pleco using the Geta Saiya Mini from the Sosaku Rakuza series.
The variously shaped geta with their colourful nose-strings have a lovely appearance, giving them a Japanese, yet somehow modern feel.
The geta and other accessories are fixed to the desks and shelves, but the "desks and shelves" themselves are not fixed and can be freely arranged for your enjoyment.
The scale is 1/12, which is the scale of a typical doll's house, so it is fun to add these Japanese accessories and make it your own.

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