Scene Box 'Ore no Seishun -Kyaketsu no Jidai-' : Takashi Kawada Pre-painted 1:64

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The motif is the biker gangs of the 1970s and 1980s.
The original team "J.K.B Racing" is designed.
The lights on the miniature cars are illuminated by LED lights, creating a night scene.

J.K.B Racing"
The three teams of "J.K.B Racing" are mainly runners. The Machida Garage is the hangout of the bikers of the Showa era
. Kenmeri GTRs and GT Sampachi, graffiti on the steel garage, team stickers and cool leather jackets
This is the place to be on a hot Saturday night.
Details in the booklet!
So there you have it, the night is over!
Note: Special supplement with "Team Sticker"

�ƒSpecial Box of Scenes
There are almost no 1/64 scene accessories on the market, so except for the miniature cars, most of the scenes are handmade. These miniature scenes are warm and lovely, like small hand-drawn illustrations in coloured pencil, if you like.
The packaging also shares the same concept, but is designed in a cute way for each work, and includes a magnifying glass and screwdriver. The packaging is the same concept, but with a lovely design for each piece and a magnifying glass and screwdriver included.

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