Scene Box "What My Father Taught Me" : Takashi Kawada Pre-painted 1:64

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Takashi Kawada Pre-painted 1/64 Scale

A series of smartphone-sized (palm-sized), stylishly shaped scene boxes with cars
. They come in a lovely package and make a great gift!

Set contents...
Diorama (miniature cars are fixed to the artwork)
Transparent case (65 x 65 x 97mm)
Magnifying glass (with case)
Booklet with handling instructions and images of the work
Cosmetic box

Information compiled by Sakatsu Gallery

On a starry night, my father took me on a journey.
When I was depressed after the death of my dog John, my father said to me "Time can solve the problem".
I was so sad, but my heart was softened a little.

Original vintage-style Airstream (campervan)
Airstream interior (kettle on gas stove, polka dot shower curtain, sofa cushions, etc.)
Astronomical telescope
JKB (Jou Kei Bako) folding chair
Coffee cup on camera case
Gas cylinders and connections
Fiat 500 roof carrier
Dark lighting for astronomical observation

Since there are almost no commercially available 1/64 scene accessories, I made almost everything by hand except for the miniature cars. These miniature sceneries are warm and cute, like small hand-drawn illustrations in colored pencil.
The packaging is the same concept, but each work is designed in a cute way and comes with a magnifying glass (with case). It's a pleasure to collect.

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