Daihatsu Auto Tricycle Truck '53 SSR Type: Yutaka Tamura, painted 1:12

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Tamura Yutaka Painted 1/12

Diorama base dimensions: width 520mm, depth 320mm, height 520mm
Truck size approx: length 330mm, width 140mm

Note: The car is made of paper and is fully scratched. Some parts of the car, such as the handle, are made of metal material and have natural rust.
It is not glued to the diorama base.
This piece was originally published in Nostalgic Hero #140 (August 2010).

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

A nostalgic car made from 1/12 paper. And it's all in paper... a ton of work!
Tamura's completely original, full-scratch creations have a warm and welcoming atmosphere that matches the era and the car, bringing out the best of nostalgia.
In addition, the engine and other parts of the car are made from paper.
The 1/12 size is also very impressive.
The 1/12 size makes this a great display piece for your shop.

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