Batmobile : Gentaro Asaki - painted, Non-scale

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Asaki Gentlemanro Painted Non-scale

Work size (including diorama base): W180 x D120 x H60mm

Base kit: "Batman Car (1/42 scale)" by Imai

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

In the image of the 1966 TV drama Batman, Gentaro Asaki has created a small diorama and vignette work.
The Batmobile (Batman car) is a heavily modified and painted version of the original kit. The Batmobile (Batman car) has been heavily modified and painted from the base kit in order to recreate the look and feel of the Batmobile, with a sci-fi shape befitting a supercar full of secret tricks, mesh to hide the mysterious headlights and tail lights, and a strange glossy/pearly finish.
If you look at the interior of the car, you can see the levers lowered from the frame in the middle and the fire extinguisher at the foot of the car.
The dolls are the essence of Asaki's work. The Batman and Robin have been modified into heroic and dynamic poses. The villains, the Riddler and Joker, have been sculpted from scratch, and their expressions are just perfect!
In terms of detail, for example, Robin's cloak has a thinner edge shaved off to emphasise its thinness, and the mask that slips down over the Riddler's neck has neatly missing eyes, so you can enjoy 360 degrees of sculpting with the usual attention to detail.

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