ALIEN : Asaki Gentaro - Painted - Non-scale

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Gentleman Asaki, painted, Non-scale (approx. 1/9)

Work size (including diorama base, maximum protrusion from base): W260 x D120 x H220mm

Base kit: "ALIEN" by MPC

Note: Dolls already glued and fixed. No moving parts.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

The Alien, a mysterious space creature that hatched in the space freighter Nostromo to possess humans and grew to a huge size.
The crew are terrified and try to confront it. But when Captain Dallas thinks he has the alien cornered, he sees it slowly roaming the ship, mocking him...

Alien" is a science fiction horror movie released in 1979. The MPC plastic model kit released at the time has been heavily modified to create a small diorama piece.
The kit originally had an upright posture, but I modified it to have bent arms and legs.
The kit was originally designed to be upright, but the arms and legs were bent, and the pose was modified to be slightly hunched, so that the figure is moving around in the narrow space of the ship.
The head is left transparent to show the "skeleton" with added details, and is finished off with Asaki's quintessential meticulous paint job.

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