Real Action Figure (Combat Joe's 1:6): Gentaro Asaki painted 1:6x1:6

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Gentleman Asaki, pre-painted 1/6x1/6 scale (1/6 of Combat Joe)

Work size (including diorama base): W100 x D60 x H70mm

Note: The doll's joints are almost immobile. (The doll has 14 points of movement, but some parts may not move smoothly due to the paint. The box and the doll can be removed from the wooden base. (There is a pin sticking out from the base, and it is inserted to display. There are two holes on the back of the box and a hole in the right foot of the doll.
The doll can be stored in the box, but the instructions will not fit in the box with the doll.
Clothes and optional accessories are not included.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

The man who made our hearts sing is back with an upgrade at �E�E�E�E�E�E.
This is a 1/6 model of Combat Joe, the G.I. Joe that was relaunched in Japan in 1984.
The G.I. Joe is a real action figure (articulated doll) originally made at approximately 1/6, but now made even more 1/6 - a model of a model, so to speak - making it a unique finished product.
As a display model, we prioritized the atmosphere of the model, so unfortunately it's not "fully movable", but the joints move slightly!

This is a very small quantity, mass-produced by hand, and in a way it is a more premium model than the real thing.
Delivered with a paper box that reproduces the packaging of the time.
This is a model for adults who will never forget their boyish heart.

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