TEXSAS,1874 Lone Ranger with Tonto: Gentaro Asaki painted 1:35

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Gentleman Asaki, pre-painted, 1/35 scale

Work size (including diorama base): W145 x D110 x H90mm
Award: The 22nd Doll Modification Contest Bronze Prize

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

Hi-yo! Silver!!!
"Indians, they don't lie."
The Lone Ranger. This film captures a moment of seriousness from the Western drama The Lone Ranger.

The Lone Ranger is a hero with a trademark black mask.

The Lone Ranger, a hero with a trademark black mask, reacts quickly to a bullet and dodges it just in time, but the bullet misses his mask!
Tonto, the Indian, comes out from beside the Lone Ranger, who is trying to fight back by controlling his startled horse Silver. The Lone Ranger is about to launch a counter-attack when he is interrupted by Tonto, an Indian who has already caught sight of the enemy.

This tense scene was beautifully depicted with outstanding modeling and painting, and won the Bronze Prize at the 22nd Human Modification Contest.
The 22nd contest was held in 1994, and Mr. Asaki was 26 years old at the time.
Asaki says he has been painting models mainly with oil paints since he was a student. Asaki has been painting models since he was a student, mainly using oil paints, which dry much slower than ordinary paints for models and take a lot of time to produce, but are the best method for stretching and colouring.

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