Make it! Ultra-realistic Dioramas: The Complete Mastery from Finding Materials to Creating: Seibundoshinkosha (Book) 978-4-416-71609-0

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First published on 11 August 2016
Book size 247 x 182mm, 128 pages (all colour pages)
Author: Alarky the scenographer
Published by: Seibundoshinkosha, Ltd

Information editor: Sakatsu Gallery

This book is a collection of diorama photos, which was only mentioned in the column of the previous book "Terrific! Dioramas", which was only mentioned as a column in the previous book, is a collection of diorama photos focusing on the "how to" of diorama building.
The reason why I didn't dare to describe it as a "how to" book is that, unlike other books in the world that focus only on how to make dioramas, this is a book in which I objectively explain how to make and photograph the dioramas that I have made so far.
In this book, you will find a selection of eight of my most recent works, with new photographs.
Each of these eight works is unified by four sections: Close-Up, Explain, Illustration and Detail. Noteworthy are the five views of the diorama: front, side (left and right), flat and back, which are explained by breaking down the diorama like a drawing.

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