Bistro Joukei Vol.1 Bistro Joukei : Sakatsuu (Book) BJ-01

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Published August 2016
A4 size, 33 pages (all colour pages)

Example production: Naoki Sakamoto
Text: Naoki Sakamoto
Basic editing: IKAROS PUBLISHING N editorial department
Editing: Kenji Sakamoto
Photography: Tadashi Naraoka
Process photography: Naoki Sakamoto
Friendship appearance: Naoki-kun (production Gumi-chan project)
Published by: Sakatsu Gallery

Depending on the timing, some of the components used in the examples may not be available. There may be alternatives, or even better! Please ask at the "Sakatsu Gallery" as there may be some available.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

For those who want to create their first diorama, a scene to display their N gauge model railway!
The title "Bistro Scene" expresses our wish that you will feel free to drop in and create a scene, just like in a small restaurant or tavern, and enjoy it.
The article is a revised and re-recorded version of a series of eight articles by Naoki-kun in the April 2014 (No.75) to June 2015 (No.82) issues of N (N) published by Ikaros Publishing.
All of these scenes have railway tracks in them, but the main character is not a railway car, but a railway track in the landscape. This is the concept behind the design of the scenes.
We hope that you will be able to travel through the changing seasons and nostalgic landscapes without being too concerned about the type of rolling stock.
We hope that you will enjoy this simple diorama as much as we do.

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