Street light with LED, outside light for wall, classic square type, O size, set of 2, JP5663: Woodland, painted and finished, O (1:48), Just Plug compatible

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Made by WOODLAND SCENICS Pre-painted O (1/48) size 170cm human scales to approx. 3.5cm

This product is compatible with the Just Plug(R) Lighting System, which allows you to enjoy electric lighting without soldering.
Note:Please prepare the power supply separately with the combination of "Light Hub (Part No. JP5701)" and "AC Adapter (Part No. JP5770)".
Note:The linker plug can be connected to up to the number of lights in the package (3 in this set).

2 x wall lights with pre-installed coloured LEDs (approx. 90cm lead)
1 x cable with linker plug for connection (approx. 60 cm long)

�ƒProduct size
Standard: 7.5 mm wide x 11 mm high

Keywords: street light, electric light, road light, exterior light, entrance light, wall light

Note:The picture is provided by the manufacturer and may vary from the actual product.
The size ratio to the poles and light fixtures is almost correct in the package photo, while the close-up and night view photos are from other product numbers, so the size ratio and image to the poles are different.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This is a Showa or Western style exterior light, which can be mounted on a wall. It is of course lit by LED.
This product is compatible with Woodland's standard "Just Plug(R) Lighting System", which allows you to enjoy electric lighting without soldering.

�ƒRecommended Power Supply
The following two products provide a basic power supply.
AC Adapter
Light Hub

And much more!
Just Plug(R) Lighting System compatible products

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