Light hub for Woodland lighting system JP5701 : Woodland electronic parts for Just Plug

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Electronic parts made by WOODLAND SCENICS

This product is compatible with the Just Plug(R) Lighting System, which allows you to enjoy electric lighting without soldering.
This is an essential part that bridges the gap between the optional power supply and the various lighting units.
It can be distributed into four systems, and the brightness can be controlled individually or turned on/off at once.

1. connect the "AC adapter (part number JP5770)" or the "Expansion hub (part number JP5702)" to the "POWER" connector of this product.
2. 2. connect the various lighting units to the LIGHT connector of the product. A maximum of four units can be connected.
3. 3. adjust the brightness by turning the volume located under each connector.
To add an ON/OFF switch
Connect the "Accessory Switch" (Part No. JP5725) to the "CTRL" connector of this product.

The product name in the manufacturer is Light Hub.

Note:The picture is provided by the manufacturer and may differ from the actual product.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

It is a component used between the power adapter and the light to connect more lighting devices and to control the brightness and ON/OFF at once, when lighting the external lights of products compatible with Woodland's standard "Just Plug(R) Lighting System".
The manufacturer's trade name is Light Hub.

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Just Plug(R) Lighting System‘Ήž¤•i

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