Skaters and Passers-by: Pre-Sealed HO(1:87) 10740

Skaters and Passers-by: Pre-Sealed HO(1:87) 10740

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Pre-painted by Preiser, HO (1/87) size, approx. 2cm for a 170cm person

Part number: 10740
Number of figures: 5 (one of them in a pair with arms crossed)
Size: approx. 2cm

Search words: roller skates

Note:Depending on the time of year of delivery, monitor and other colour tones, the colour of the actual product and the photo may differ.

Note:The photo is not the actual product but the one presented by the manufacturer.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

This pre-painted doll is designed to look like a passerby and a person playing on roller skates.
The set consists of 5 dolls, one of which is two men and one woman with their arms around each other.
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Note: Please note that the colour of the photo may differ from the actual product due to the time of delivery and the colour tone of the monitor.

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