People Taking Pictures Unpainted 2 types : Suzume Model Unpainted Kit HO(1:80) HO-S258

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3D printed parts made by Suzume Model 1:80 size dolls approx. 2cm in height

Set Contents
2 figures (2 types each)

Recommended for men who take pictures with digital cameras, digital cameras, SLR cameras, people who take pictures of trains, people who take pictures of trains, people who take pictures on platforms, etc.

"Instructions for use
-Supports are not completely removed at the time of modeling, so please use a file or design knife to prepare them for use.
Paint can be applied as is, but it will look better if it is sanded.

Note: The photo shows a painted example, this product is not painted. Vehicles and scenery are not included. The unpainted photo includes the painted one with the buffed finish.

Information editing: Sakatsu Gallery

The figure is posed with an SLR camera, taking a picture.
can be placed along the railway line or at a station to add a point of interest to the diorama.
The product is a set of two photographers with different body types.
unpainted gray modeling (made of resin), which can be painted to create the color of your favorite work uniform.
The model is produced using 3D scanning, which reproduces the wrinkles in the clothing in a realistic manner.

Made by 3D printer and output in standard resin material for Form3.

Note: Some product packaging may vary.

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