Fibre-based material for Glassmaster static glass 12mm dark green 40g : Noch material non-scale 7116

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Made by NOCH Material: Non-scale
Wild Grass
Wild Grass
Fibre-based material for GRASmaster
. Wild Grass
Fibrous material for GRASmaster
Cut into 12mm pieces, like fine hair.
Wild Grass This material is called Static Grass because it can be made to stand upright by static electricity.
Apply Glass Glue for Glass Master to the area where you want the grass to appear and sprinkle this material over the top using Glass Master.
Once the glue has dried, vacuum up the excess and voila!
The grass will be thicker on the surface where the glue was applied.
Contents: 40g
The second image is for comparison between the 6mm and 12mm lengths and is not included in the product.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

Please note that depending on the time of year and the colour tone of your monitor, the colour of the actual item may differ from that of the photograph.

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