My life as a model maker: Sakaatsu (book)

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Published on 1 December 2018

B6 variable format size, 162 pages (no colour)
Author: Kenji Sakamoto
Published by: Sakatsu Ltd

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Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

But did you know that more than ten years ago we were a model shop specialising in model trains and slot cars?
This book is an autobiography written by our former president, Kenji Sakamoto, and includes stories from the past.
A book full of the history of 43 years of Sakatsuu Gallery, including a summary of various events such as his own upbringing, the illness that struck him, the start of the model shop and the turning point!
This is a book about the history of Sakatau Gallery over the last 43 years, covering his early life, his illness, the start of the model shop and the turning point in his career.

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