Acrylic display case for towers (transparent back panel): Sakatsu Case Non-scale 8805

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Acrylic case made by Sakatsu Company, non-scale

Transparent acrylic 8mm thick, the back panel is also transparent acrylic and can be viewed from all directions.
Case dimensions (including base): 360mm (W) x 340mm (D) x 1504mm (H)
Sizes are subject to change.
The photo is an image and may differ from the actual product. Tokyo Sky Tree model is not included.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This case is ideal for displaying "1/500 Brass Model Tokyo Sky Tree"
A highly transparent and smooth acrylic sheet has been used for the front, both sides, top and back. It is recommended for display in an environment where it can be viewed from all sides, such as an island-style display.
The transparent case (except for the back) can be slid to the front to separate it from the base, allowing the model to be inserted and removed. There is also a hole in the lower back for the power cord.
The simple design makes it ideal for displaying the Tokyo Skytree and other taller tower models.

�ƒCase for tower
Black back plate type
Backboard transparent type

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