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Electronic parts made by Sakatsu, non-scale

Not for sale! Attention! Please use in combination with our LED "bulb colour, white, blue, green, yellow-green".
! In the case of the "Red, Yellow, Orange (2V)" type, please turn down the dimmer volume to turn on the light, otherwise the LED may be damaged and fire may occur.

Please turn the dimmer control slowly with a precision Phillips screwdriver.
It has a range of movement of almost half a turn and the brightness of the LED can be steplessly adjusted from maximum to 20% of the light intensity.
Note: If turned beyond the range of movement, it will be damaged.

Approximate dimensions: 35mm x 14mm x 10mm thick
Uses 1 x CR1220 button battery (1 x test battery included)
Connectors/ 2 pin terminals, 1 switch, 1 volume

LEDs are sold separately.
Parts may vary from the picture depending on the production lot.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

Button cell power supply for our original LED. Mini type.
Developed for easy integration!
A further miniaturisation of the existing LED dimmer power supply! The dimming function remains the same, but the board size is less than half!
Note: Due to the miniaturization of the battery, the battery capacity is inferior to that of conventional products.

bulb color
Florescent colour

bulb colour
fluorescent color

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