Coin cell CR2032 constant light board Ver2 (Changed battery direction version) : KEIGOO Electronic parts Non-scale 99021 "Sales start campaign! Special price 660 yen (usually 990 yen)

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KEIGOO Electronic Parts Non-scale

LEDs are sold separately. Please use in combination with our "bulb color, white, blue, green, yellow-green" with chip LED connectors.
For "Red, Yellow, Orange (2V lighting)" type, please turn down the brightness control volume to light up, otherwise the LEDs may be damaged or cause a fire.

KEIGOO electronic parts 99020 equivalent (different battery insertion direction)
Sakatsu Electronic Parts 2903 Equivalent

The brightness adjustment volume should be turned slowly with a precision Phillips screwdriver or similar tool.
There is a range of movement of almost half a turn, and the LED brightness can be adjusted steplessly from maximum to 20% of the light intensity.
Note: Turning beyond the range of motion will damage the product.

Number of LED connection terminals 2

Approximate body size
40 mm (width) x 28 mm (depth) x 8 mm (thickness)

Uses 1 coin cell CR2032 battery (1 test battery included)

Information editing: Sakatsu Gallery

Beginner-friendly No soldering required!
Easy connection by simply plugging in the connector.
The power supply for LEDs "Coin Cell Battery CR2032 Always On Board" is a battery holder to be incorporated into dioramas, dollhouses, plastic models, and other small spaces to keep the LEDs always on.
It has a brightness adjustment volume so you can adjust the brightness to your preference.
If you want to flash the LED, please combine it with the "Ultra-compact Controller" (sold separately).

Coin battery board series Coin cell holder CR1220= small size first priority, no dimmer/switch, 1-2 hours on battery
Coin Cell Battery CR1220 Permanent Light Board= Small size, dimmer and switch available, 1-2 hours on battery
Coin cell CR2032 permanent light board= dimmer and switch available, 5-10 hours on battery

recommended ultra-compact controller
Hotaria parvula (species of firefly)
threadfin (any fish of family Polynemidae, esp. the striped threadfin, Polydactylus plebeius)
Ming Siu 0.5/0.5
Ming Kwan 1.0/1.0
obstacle light
Aeronautical Obstacle Light 2

recommended LEDs
1.6x0.8mm chip LED, bulb color, with connector
1.6x0.8mm chip LED, white, fluorescent color, with connector
1.6x0.8mm chip LED, red, with connector
1.6x0.8mm chip LED yellow with connector
1.6x0.8mm chip LED, green, with connector
1.6x0.8mm chip LED, blue, with connector

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