Flashing control Super 8 basic board (for LED with connector 8 lights can be mounted): Sakatsuo Electronic Components 2576

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Electronic components manufactured by Sakatsu

This is a board that flashes and lights up up to 8 LEDs with connectors and LEDs with pins, sold separately.
It is possible to reproduce various blinking patterns by adjusting the three volumes for blinking speed, afterglow and brightness.
With the synchronisation switch, it is possible to switch between 8 lights blinking simultaneously or 4 lights blinking alternately.
In addition, it is possible to increase the number of LEDs up to 40 by using an expansion board and an expansion cord.
Please use the optional AC adapter for power supply.

Board size: 46.5mm x 28mm
Appropriate input voltage: 5V to 5.5V
Input limitations: Guaranteed to work only with AC adapters available from Sakatsu Gallery
LED: Guaranteed to work only with LED's with connectors and pins from Sakatsu Gallery
Please note that this product is not suitable for use by children under 17 years old.

Information compiled by: Sakatsu Gallery

This LED control board is easy and safe to use.
By adjusting the three volumes of flashing speed, afterglow and brightness, it is possible to reproduce various flashing patterns such as aviation obstacle lights on skyscrapers or police lights.
With a synchronisation switch, you can switch between 8 lights flashing simultaneously or 4 lights flashing alternately.
In addition, the

By using "Expansion Board" and "Expansion Cord", up to 40 lights can be added. and can be used together to add up to 40 lamps.
Please use with LED with connector or pin and power supply.

Variety of series

AC adapter

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