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Electronic parts made by Sakatsu, non-scale

This LED control board is designed to be mounted on a model railway with a double-sided driver's cab.
This is a micro control board with a function to switch the headlight and tail light back and forth according to the direction of travel (reversal of input polarity), and features high functionality and small size.
AC and DCC control is not supported.

Board size: 8.5mm x 7mm, 3mm thick (all dimensions approximate)
Suitable input voltage: 3V to 20V
Input limitation: DC only
Supplied cable: approx. 20cm
LED: Only guaranteed to work with LEDs available from Sakatsu Gallery.
Special note: Soldering is required for wiring. Please make sure to use a ceramic heating iron for soldering.
Vehicle and LED not included.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This is an LED control board for use when you want to light the head and tail lights of a double cab model railway car according to the direction of travel.
For each input, there are two outputs, one facing left (AB) and one facing right (AB). Depending on the polarity of the input, the output will automatically switch between left A and right B, and left B and right A. The output is automatically switched between Left A and Right B, Left B and Right A, depending on the polarity of the input. (Not AC compatible, not for use in DCC control of model railways)

�ƒUltra-small PCB Series for LED Control
Single Operation Micro Control Board
both operation LED light control board

light bulb colour
White (fluorescent) color

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