Chochin D White Okonomiyaki, Chinese noodles, etc.: Sakatsuo Kit HO(1:87) 1514

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Plastic Parts by Sakatsu HO (1/87) Size

This is the plastic part of the chochin split vertically.
When assembled with the optional ultra-small LED in between, the chochin will glow from within!
Characters are pre-printed in tampo.
The characters are pre-printed in tampo. We recommend that you use the molded plastic colour and paint only the top and bottom in black to express the metal fittings.

The lanterns you can make with this kit (1 of each): Gosai (old style), Okonomiyaki, Sake shop, Chinese noodles

The photo shows a painted example with options incorporated. Other than the chochin are not included.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This kit features a realistic chochin made of plastic that is molded down to the bone structure.
By using the colour of the moulding and inserting an optional LED inside, you can create a glowing lantern!
We recommend you to use bulb colour LED, same, with connector is recommended.
Please use a power supply such as Dimmable Power Supply for LED.

Red Kushitoyu, Oden etc
Red Sake, Yakitori, etc
White Ramen, small dishes, etc
White Okonomiyaki, Chinese noodles and more

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