Small TV without LED : Sakatsuo Unpainted Kit HO(1:87) 1506

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Sakatsu Electronic Parts Unpainted Kit HO (1/87) Size

Please note that this product does not actually allow you to watch TV.
This kit is designed to represent television in models.

Size when completed: just under 7mm square
Material: Transparent plastic
Material: transparent plastic
The photo shows a painted example of the finished product. The TV stand and the room are not included in the diorama.

Keywords: diorama, scene, Showa, model railway, HO, nostalgia

Information compilation: Sakatsu Gallery

HO size model of a TV set from the era when professional wrestling and American dramas were glamorous.
You can enjoy the 3C era in your living room or in an electronics shop.
The product is very small, only slightly smaller than 7mm square, but in order to be able to light it (representation of a blanc tube), the body is divided into three pieces: the exterior, the casing and the back with slits, and the material used is transparent plastic.

A small image is also printed as a service part to represent the TV when it is on, but it can also be made to disappear by painting the back of the CRT in a slightly greenish grey colour.

The colour of the paint varies, but you can use the images from the internet search to find the colour you like.

There are also LED TVs that can be lit (but not actually watchable), but these are recommended for those who can solder wires. This is a product for those who can solder.

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