Spongebob Material Leaf Forage [Dark Green] : Heki Material Non-scale 1677

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Made by Heki Material Non-scale (1/43 to 1/120 recommended)

The material is a cotton-like material with a leaf expression material intertwined.
The material is made of a cotton-like material that is intertwined with foliage.
@ Size: approx. 28 x 14cm
Number of sheets: 1 sheet

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Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

This material is a cotton-like material intertwined with a leaf expression material.
The foliage can be twisted around the branches of a tree to create a realistic leaf effect.

�ƒHeki's Leaf for Ridge range of foliage materials
�yLight Green�z
�yMedium Green�z
�yDark Green�z

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