Curved embankment parts - inclined part (2 pieces): Moline material TM-12

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Made by Morin Material

A triangular prism with an isosceles right triangular cross-section, incised along the curve.
Suitable for curves up to a minimum of R280.
Note: The incision is left as a gap and must be filled.
Use in combination with various "embankment parts" (sold separately).
Can be stacked to make larger embankments.
Set contents: Curved embankment parts, inclined part (triangular pillar), 2 pieces
Size: -50x50xL:300mm
Material: Styrofoam

Please use wood glue or styrofoam glue for adhesion.

Note:The image is provided by the manufacturer and is an example of use in combination with various "Tsukijiki Parts" (sold separately).
Note:The product is the one in the second image.
Note:Vehicle and other materials are not included in the product.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

Base material for curved embankments, sloping sections (triangles).
It has an incision and is suitable for a minimum curve of R280.
The material can be stacked to form larger embankments.

�E½ƒ� 50�E½~50 Curve for Basic Part TM-11�E½ E/a>

�E½ƒ�¢30�E½~30 Tilt Section TM-22�E½ E/a>

�E½ƒ� 30�E½~40 For Curves Basic TM-31�E½ E/a>

�E½ƒ�¢30�E½~30 Curve with Inclined Section TM-32�E½ E/a>

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