Embankment parts basic part (2 pieces): Molin material TM-01

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Made by Morin Material

Set of 2 basic parts for embankments
Square cross section.
For use in combination with the TM-02 Sloping Embankment Parts (sold separately).
Can be stacked to make a large embankment.
Size: 50 x 50 x L:300mm
Material: Rigid styrene foam

For gluing, use wood glue or styrofoam glue.

The image is provided by the manufacturer and is an example. This is an example of use in combination with the TM-02 Tsukijiki Parts (sold separately).
The product is the one in the second image.
The vehicles and other materials shown in the picture are not included in the product.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

Base material for embankment, basic part (square pillar).
The base material for building embankments.
These can be stacked to make larger embankments.
Please use in combination with the TM-02 Embankment Parts (sold separately).

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